Insurance FAQs From Fraser Heights Insurance

What do I have to do when I go away from my home for more than a couple of days?

Do I have coverage for a strata deductible under my condominium insurance policy? 

Most insurance companies do provide some coverage for your condominium strata deductible, but it is important for you to check with your strata to find out the amount of coverage you require and then contact us so we can confirm that you have enough coverage. 

Am I covered for flood? 

Flood coverage may be available, depending on your location, but every insurer has a different approach so be sure you understand how this risk is covered. 

Can I transfer the plate and insurance from my old vehicle to my new one? 

Yes, if you maintain the same ownership as the old vehicle you can transfer the plate and insurance from your old vehicle to the new one, but in most situations you must complete the transaction before putting the plate onto the new vehicle. Doing this can save you some of the fees associated with newly registering and insuring a vehicle. The plates must also be compatible for the vehicle. You can't put a car plate on a truck. 

Why does my insurance cost go up every year? 

Insurance costs go up each year for a couple of reasons. Insurance companies adjust their rates, usually on a yearly basis, so that the premiums reflect the cost of claims paid out, taking into consideration the types of claims and the frequency. While you may not have had any claims, the claims of your neighbours can affect the rates that an insurance company charges for insurance in your area. Another reason is that your insurance is based on replacement values which means the amount of insurance you have increases each year to cover increased values. 

My landlord has insurance, so why do I need it? 

The insurance your landlord carries is for the building and his liability does not cover your contents. If there is a loss—let’s say due to a fire—you would be responsible to replace your personal property; and if the fire was due to your negligence, you could be responsible for the repair of damages to the building. If you carry your own tenants insurance you would be covered under your own policy. 

Is my car covered under my house insurance while parked in my garage? 

No, motorized vehicles are not covered under your house insurance because insurance is available through different carriers (ie. ICBC and/or other private carriers). In most cases, exceptions to this include powered-assisted bikes, wheelchairs or scooters having more than two wheels (specifically designed for a person who has a physical disability), lawn mowers and motorized golf carts. 

I do business from home - do I have coverage under my house insurance? 

I renovated my kitchen and built a large deck on my home - do I need to inform you of these improvements? 

I am taking my spouse and children on a vacation. Will the travel medical coverage from my workplace benefits cover us all? 

You will need to verify this with your employer to see who is covered, length of time permitted per trip and amount of coverage to know if it will be adequate coverage for your family. If you require a family travel medical policy please contact our office.