Earthquake Deductible Insurance in BC

British Columbia is in an active quake zone that extends from the Philippines to South America. We can experience 100 quakes per month — mostly small ones that no one really notices. So, who should have earthquake coverage? We suggest that everyone should include it in their policy. Earthquake coverage not only includes the dwelling and contents but also additional living expenses while your house is being re-built, which could be a lengthy time.

Experts in emergency preparedness in BC report that although everyone here knows that we are overdue for a major quake occurrence, we, as residents, are ill-prepared for the inevitable shaker that could change our lives.

Go to for more info on how to prepare for an earthquake or read Be Prepared, Not Scared.

Did You Know You Can Virtually Eliminate Your Earthquake Deductible?

All insurance companies offer earthquake coverage for homes and businesses. This type of coverage is based on a percentage deductible and not a flat rate as is the case with other insurance policies. Consequently, earthquake deductibles can vary, with amounts reaching $100,000 or more. As a property owner, you are responsible for this deductible for any earthquake related damages.

Good News! We offer a new product that will reduce this financial hardship significantly with an earthquake deductible buy-back policy. We can offer you $50,000 coverage in earthquake deductible and higher limits are also available. Ask us for more details.

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