Drones - or unmanned aerial vehicles

October 20th, 2015 | in Insurance


In recent months, unmanned aerial vehicles have been a common sight in both our day to day lives and the media. Canadian Aviation Regulations “CARs” has begun to regulate the use and ownership of these small aircraft. As soon as you use your unmanned aerial vehicle for non-recreational purposes or commercial purposes you may need to apply for a Special Flight Operators Certificate or SFOC for short.

In order to apply for the SFOC Transport Canada stipulates the following insurance requirements:

Section 6.31

  • Certificate applicants must be made aware early in the application process that they must subscribe for adequate liability insurance covering risks of public liability as outlined in section 606.02 of the CARs. This requirement must be a condition in the SFOC.
  • Most general company liability insurance policies do not cover the operation of aircraft. As such, UAV operators must ensure that they have liability insurance which applies to the operation of aircraft.
  • Insurance available to MAAC members does not cover UAV operations

Reference: Transport Canada SFOC

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